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User sessions are under control of predictive algorithms

Each session materializes as a succession of dynamic web pages composed of personalized menus and contents, assembled on the fly by predictive algorithms.

The prediction is adjusted at each User action. Menus and contents are optimized to incite the User to explore further and ultimately convert. 

You decide what is the scope of personalization, from a zone on a page to a multi-site domain. The bigger the scope the higher the gain.

Each page displays a Semantic Context

A Semantic Context is a selection of consistent contents and product data, made from a list of themes that they have in common. 

These themes are identified via a semantic analysis of the site and constitute the language used for recommendations.

The use of semantics instead of item IDs for recommendations brings many advantages such as the ability to create consistent contexts with many heterogeneous content types, even if these contents are new or external to the site. This is also key for menus / contents synchronization.

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Anonymous Semantic Predictive Profiling enriches continuous experiences

Visitor actions and predictions are stored in an anonymous profile, which is retrieved at each new session.

Anonymous Semantic Predictive Profiling provides a very accurate picture of each Visitor's interest, past, present and future, expressed in terms that immediately match the business of the website. 

Each profile can be exported or augmented by external channels to provide multi-channel continuous experiences.

A Semantic Thesaurus for paid search keywords

The semantic analysis generates hundreds or thousands of terms that describe the business of the website.

These terms can be used as keywords for paid search or advertising. 

This gives many opportunities to reduce the acquisition cost or to increase trafic to the site.

Auto-adaptive landing pages anticipate intentions

When using the semantic thesaurus for paid search keywords, there is no need for designing specific landing pages.

If the keywords are passed as parameters of the landing page URL, the RedFakir personalization engine will build a context that matches the keyword(s) and anticipate the intentions of the Visitor.

This leads to a drastic reduction of the bounce rate on these pages.

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Standard analytical tools

RedFakir generates specific Google Analytics events that allow you to filter trafic and measure the performance of Predictive Web Navigation.  

You can compare results and benchmark the solution using your existing tools and reports.

Responsive design

The solution adapts to any device and any browser. RedFakir generates responsive web pages.

Runs in the cloud

The solution can be easily deployed and scaled in our multi-tenant elastic cloud running on Amazon AWS.

You do not need to setup any computing resource. We can open a new account in a matter of minutes.

The solution is proven to easily scale to tens of millions of Visitors per month.

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