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Too many visitors leaving your site? 

RedFakir is a powerful solution to keep your visitors on your website until they convert.

Assist exploration

personalize facets and search assistants.

Simplify navigation

REPLACE STANDARD hierarchical menus by predictive menus.

Orchestrate pages

create a consistent mix of personalized menus, contents and offers.

What we do:

We synthesize dynamic web pages that display personalized menus and contents.

How we do it:

We use semantic analysis to extract the themes of your website and predictive analytics to select those that will draw your visitors' interest.

Why we are different:

We are the only ones to simultaneously personalize the website navigational system as well as  its content. As a result : a level of performance that has never been reached before.

" What makes RedFakir different is its capacity to synthesize menus from a prediction of the future behaviour of a visitor. Each one gets a unique set of terms that match her thoughts. It's just magic ! "

Main use cases

landing page


content dispatching

personalized context

Increase your campaign ROI by using auto-adaptive landing pages generated by RedFakir.

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Personalize navigation by replacing hierarchical menus with Predictive Menus.

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Promote content usage by letting RedFakir manage its distribution.

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Create a space where a User finds her own context that is enriched at each session.

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Utilisez la navigation prédictive sur vos pages d'atterrissage pour améliorer le ROI de vos campagnes.

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Décuplez les possibilités de navigation de votre site en remplaçant ses menus hiérarchiques par des zones de navigation prédictive.

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Distribution de contenu

Simplifiez la distribution de vos contenus en laissant la navigation prédictive les consommer autrement.

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espace personnalisé

Créez un espace personnalisé où l'utilisateur retrouve un environnement qui lui est familier et qui s'enrichit à chaque visite.

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Why they chose us

« We started a first campaign with RedFakir. The implementation, as promised, was smooth and easy. It only required a couple of technical resources for a few hours on our side. »
« RedFakir has become a strategic partner for jacquesbervas.fr in the understanding of our visitors and the use of personalization techniques to improve our conversion rate.  »
« The RedFakir solution brings a user experience that is closer to the one of a physical shop… The only thing to do is sit down and observe the performance improvement.»
US Headquarters
Sillage - 10715 Thatcher Way, Johns Creek GA 30097 USA

email : contact@sillagesoftware.com

European Office
Sillage - 91 route Nationale - 35650 Rennes Le Rheu France
Tel : +33 299 85 51 90

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